Installation Tips

• In cases where the filter frame is to be attached, occasionally a broken or bent airloc fastener is found. Restoring the ability to secure the filter is of prime importance; any good method of bolting or screwing the frame on is acceptable.

• Check to make sure that the gasket makes good contact around the periphery and it’s compressed to approximately 1/2 the original thickness.

• If the element wettant congregates to one end, blot the excess with clean dry cloth. If your installation tools become sticky, use WD-40 to clean up.

• Check and be sure the rest of the air intake is in good shape and look for torn rubber couplings, worn carburetor heat valve, or alternate air doors. With these in good condition, you can feel confident your engine is operating in a clean air environment.

• For continued inservice instructions, reference Form I-194 located on the back side of the Filter Element Bag.


• Check the date of manufacture. Elements are only good for 4 years from date of manufacture listed on the element packaging. For More Information.